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Excellent, Prompt, Professional

2020 July 28
by zanderins

Zander insurance is excellent as far as I am concerned. I have been a member for a number of years. Last Monday I received a notice from them that I needed to “log in” as I had received an alert regarding the Dark Web, and two other alerts. Zander was immediate in my working with a customer service representative who was clearly professional and very polite. She was able to resolve my issues quickly to my satisfaction. I gave the highest ratings to all of the questions that were asked of me.

In essence, the services that were rendered were excellent. There were three alerts (notifications) from Zander, each had given me concerns at the outset. With help I reviewed each of the three alerts with my customer representative and found out promptly found that I was protected with each alert. The customer service representative explained everything why and how, and I was totally satisfied. Please understand that I rarely write reviews, as others would know, but when I feel excellence I honor it.

-Richard G.

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