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“I can’t believe I am saving over $1000 with Zander.”

2015 November 12
by zanderins

I called Zander to look at switching my renter’s insurance and car insurance. I was paying $1849 with Liberty Mutual. Zander found another policy for me with the EXACT same coverage for only $831- I cannot believe I am saving over $1000! I thought maybe that was for a 6mo policy, but it was for an annual policy. Unbelievable. My renter’s insurance also dropped from $351 to $120 for a year long policy. As a teacher and a single mom finding this extra money in my monthly budget means so much. Thanks for talking about Zander. It took less than 20 minutes to fill out the form, get an email quote and purchase the policy over the phone. Felt so nice to call and cancel the old policy!!!

J. Perry

Nashville, TN

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