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About Zander Insurance
For over 20 years I have worked personally with Dave Ramsey, his listeners and team members to help them make important and informed decisions about their insurance needs and the most cost effective ways to address them. Over the years we have received a tremendous amount of letters and emails complimenting our staff on the excellent service they provided. Many clients have shown their appreciation by sharing their stories and first hand experiences. I am so proud of our employees and want to recognize their hard work and dedication to Dave's listeners. Please feel free to submit your own stories or reviews and we will be happy to share them.

− Jeff Zander

Blown Away, Saved Thousands

2020 December 18
by zanderins

I’m blown away with Glenda at Zander.  Glenda has been our insurance liaison for years.  She responds immediately whenever I’ve needed help.  Glenda and Zander have saved us thousands of dollars by shopping what our needs are each year and re-shopping our policy each year instead of just renewing and not re-evaluating.  Zander truly stands for excellence!

-Camille M.

Excellent Advice, Keeping My Info Safe

2020 December 14
by zanderins

I have the ID Theft Protection and get a monthly summary of my personal info on the web. I have had one alert come through just last week on my phone number being found. I called customer support in a tizzy and spoke with Chris who immediately checked my account and put me at ease, gave me excellent advice and didn’t make me feel stupid for not being very tech savvy! Thank you Zander for keeping my info safe!

-Renee D.

Very Impressed with Professionalism and Attention to Detail

2020 December 7
by zanderins

My experience was with Joe Eftekhari, a member of the Zander “New Business” team. I was very impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail. I have had less than pleasant experiences with insurance representatives in the past and it was a welcome change to deal with someone of Joe’s caliber. I especially appreciated his willingness to answer any questions I had in a thorough, straightforward manner. Also, his effort to provide the best coverage at the best rate for both auto and home insurance was greatly appreciated as well. I feel that he is definitely a credit to the Zander company and would be pleased to recommend him as an insurance agent for any friends or acquaintances who could use his services.

-Pamela H.

Helped Me Select the Best Term Life Insurance

2020 December 4
by zanderins

They help me select the best life term insurance with all my situation and it’s only $20 a month.  Thank you again

-Mel D.

Easy Process, Very Satisfied

2020 November 23
by zanderins

Easy process to change my insurance to a new car I bought. They were timely and efficient. He gave me instruction to get new insurance cards. I knew what my prorated fee would be and my next renewal cost. Very satisfied with Zander.

-Mary B.

Great Communication, Listened to My Needs

2020 November 18
by zanderins

We used Zander based on Dave Ramsey’s recommendation for life insurance. Great communication throughout the application process! Seriously…more communication than I would have ever expected. They listened to my needs, offered three viable options for my consideration and I knew where things stood during the entire process. It seemed every time I began to wonder how the application was proceeding, a phone call from a real person or an email would pop up! The customer service has me considering using them for ALL of the necessary coverage’s for our family!

-Jeff M.

The Most Amazing Customer Service Experience

2020 November 9
by zanderins

We had the most amazing customer service experience with Zander Insurance. Our agents Catie Price and Caroline Chelszig went way above our expectations. We had an issue with a claim and they advocated for us until we received more than we expected. We are very grateful for the way these women worked so hard to make a tough situation come out so well. Thank you, Catie and Caroline! We highly recommend Zander Insurance to anyone!

-Earl G.

Put My Mind at Rest

2020 October 19
by zanderins

I like the monthly review of any activity on any of my accounts they monitor. But specifically, about a month ago I had a question about billing. I called and spoke with a very polite friendly young man. He answered my questions easily and put my mind at rest. It’s the only interaction I’ve had with them, but it was very satisfying and positive. Made me glad I was doing business with them. Highest praise!

-Chuck D.

Makes You Feel Appreciated

2020 October 13
by zanderins

Excellent customer service! Made updating my information easy. It’s so nice, especially these days, to find a courteous, helpful representative who actually takes the time to help; and makes you feel appreciated for your business.

-Vicki L.

They Do the Work, You Reap the Benefits

2020 October 5
by zanderins

Great company. Can’t ask for better. They do all the work and you reap the benefits. Super sweet staff and very prompt. You will not find a better price or faster service.

-Gina P.